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Our name expresses our welcome to you, echoing the wish from the musical, Summertime, idealizing that time when the living is easy. The balm of the early Placencia, with its fishing village charm on this idyllic miles-long beach, is what prompted the Belize City owners to make this their own resort and later to share it with the discerning local and international visitors. The four apartments sleep four persons, in two bedrooms, and the guest house sleeps five in three bedrooms.
All units have TVs and free internet and much more amenities.

Imagine a place where the comforts of home meet the enchanting views of the Caribbean Sea. Where your loved ones can gather, where time slows to a pace you can savor, and where you are free from the stress and distractions of daily life - while you're living it just as easy as you can be. This is Easy Living Apartments

Family members make up our booking team and are always happy to help. Our on-site manager can tell you all about the many maritime delights: world-class swimming, snorkeling, diving, boating, caye trips, kayaking, and more. Rain forest visits and exposure to historical as well as current Maya culture can happen within an hour. The village and its immediate environs offer high-quality cosmopolitan as well as local dining. And most of all, we offer lazing and relaxation even as the village offers access to standard modern services and technologies.

Easy Living Apartments is located in beautiful Placencia, Belize, Situated in the heart of Placencia Village, with your verandah overhanging the narrowest main street in the world, you will find that living is easy in these rental apartments. Placencia is known for peaceful beaches, a short boat ride away from pristine coral and picturesque cayes, and an easy drive to virgin rainforests and sites that hint at the one-time majesty of the Maya. All reasons to choose Placencia as your Belize vacation destination. 


While these unsettling times have brought unexpected changes, know that our “guests are family” philosophy remains the same. Our aim, more than ever, is to provide a stress-free and relaxing experience from the moment you book your stay, to the moment we bid you farewell.



Choose your Placencia Home away from Home:

Two-Bedroom Apartments   |   Easy Living Apartments - Placencia Village, Belize

Two-Bedroom Apartments

2 Full Bedrooms   |   Fully Equipped Kitchen   |   Full Bathroom

Sleeps up to 4 Guests   |   Private Balcony   |   Full Livingroom

Three-Bedroom Beach House   |   Easy Living Apartments - Placencia Village, Belize

Three-Bedroom Beach House

3 Full Bedrooms   |   Fully Equipped Kitchen   |   Full Bathroom

Sleeps up to 5 Guests   |   Private Balcony   |   Full Livingroom

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